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Minnesota Mensa’s
Gifted Youth Program Information

There are many opportunities for members under age 18, as well as for the children of Minnesota Mensa members, to get together for fun and socializing with other children like them. Parents of these Young Mensans also derive benefits from talking to other parents facing the challenges of raising gifted children.

While the actual Mensa test is not normed for people under age 14, Mensa accepts the results of 200 or so tests that private and school psychologists commonly administer. Visit the American Mensa Website for info on tests.

There are many benefits for Mensa members who are under 18. These include discounts on online learning programs, their own magazine (written by and for young members), and the Mensa Honor Society. The link above will lead you to more details on these great programs. If you have questions, contact Teresa Manzella, our Gifted Youth Coordinator.

Young Mensans are under-12 Mensa children who gather for a variety of activities such as game days, craft activities, and age-appropriate outings.

Teen Mensans are ages 12 to 17 and get together for outings such as game days, ice skating, and museum visits. Parents attend all events, so they can share tips and stories about raising and educating these kids.

Adults involved in leading activities or events must pass a background check, administered through the national office. Mensa is committed to providing opportunities for children to participate in variety of outings in a safe, respectful environment.

Youth are welcome at most Mensa events, as long as the events are not taking place in taverns or casinos and as long as their behavior is appropriate to the location. Also, members who host events in their homes may opt not to include people under 18. Check the calendar at for more info on local events.

Below are websites that you may like to browse for a wealth of information on giftedness and raising/educating gifted youth. Websites and their contents are always subject to change. Inclusion of a website here does not imply endorsement by American Mensa, Ltd. or by Minnesota Mensa.

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