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July Mensagenda Cover Art


Ubiquitous Scissors

Photo by RJ Erhardt

About the Cover
by RJ Erhardt

Collecting scissors was never an intentional choice. In fact, I can't remember how some of them came into my life. I only know that almost every one of them has a useful purpose, its own place in my home, and a link to a story. 1. The professional shears and thinning shears were purchased when I began cutting my own hair as a teenager, and ended up trimming the bangs of the 10-year-old girls in my cabin during a long summer as a camp counselor. 2. The stork scissors are pretty useless, except to cut thread. 3. The little squeeze scissors with a cover are perfect for airline flights, unlike the frightening pair of scary … 4. Black iron Chinese scissors that I once forgot to remove from my sewing bag before boarding. 5. I keep the dark and light blue scissors on a nail in the kitchen to cut open food packages. 6. Aah, the most precious orange scissors are only allowed to cut fabric, nothing else. 7. The manicuring scissors were inherited from my mother after she died from cancer at age 50. I think of her every time I use them. 8. The pinking shears can also make paper greeting card borders. 9. The blue scissors reside in my office, once disappearing and refusing to be found until 3 months later, when a file folder full of coupons was opened. 10. The tiny folding scissors were replaced after breaking while harvesting wild tobacco in a ditch for my dried weed collection during an unforgettable road trip with a friend. 11. My kitchen shears can shape steak medallions, slice small carrots into thin rounds, dice fresh rhubarb, and cut omelet strips for stir-fried rice. Every pair of scissors in my collection has a role for this 85-year-old homemaker, business owner, crafty artist, and designated family mender of torn clothing

Email your cover submissions to me at with “Mensagenda” in the subject line. Emailed graphics should be 6” wide, 300 dpi, and in jpeg or tiff format. Or mail your art instead to RJ Erhardt, 2379 Snowshoe Court East, Maplewood, MN 55119, and I will be happy to scan it for you. Please add a suggested title and a few sentences in your email describing your cover.



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