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January Mensagenda Cover Art


Striped Fields

Photo by Jennifer McDermott

About the Cover
by RJ Erhardt

Last winter along Route 92 on the way to Waconia, Jennifer McDermott took these fascinating photos of the patterns made by the snow deposited in the furrows that follow the contours of the land.

Top photo: She says it looked like an iced ginger cookie, frosted by a creative cook.

Bottom photo: She was struck by the contrast between the verticals of the tree and the telephone pole, and the diagonals of the hillside snow pack. The clear, cold blue sky enhanced both visual elements.

Email your cover submissions to me at with “Mensagenda” in the subject line. Graphics should be at least 4” wide, 300 dpi, and in jpeg format. Text should include your name, the photo caption, and description/story.



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