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June Mensagenda Cover Art


Two Fawns

Photo by Marcia McCloskey

About the Cover
by RJ Erhardt

This photo is one of several taken one June morning when Marcia and her husband were driving in their favorite birding area. They drove past these two fawns, parked the car on the side of the road, walked closer, and got some good pictures. Marcia writes, "I looked at several websites, including the Minnesota DNR, to get more information, and learned that fawns in Minnesota are usually born between May and June, so these fawns are, at most, a month old. The spots, which gradually fade as they get older, help them hide while their mother forages for food and returns to nurse them. After about two months the fawns are ready to eat vegetation as well as nurse, and will go with her to forage. Suggestions on websites from all over the country (Virginia to California), advise the public not to kidnap fawns that seem to be abandoned. It is normal for them to be hidden alone in a pasture, forest, or field, because their mom is almost always nearby, and she will be coming back to them. They suggest that if you are really worried, check back the next day to see if they are still there, but know that if you stay too long, your visible presence may prevent the doe from returning to get her fawns.”

Email your cover submissions to me at with “Mensagenda” in the subject line. Emailed graphics should be 6” wide, 300 dpi, and in jpeg or tiff format. Or mail your art instead to RJ Erhardt, 2379 Snowshoe Court East, Maplewood, MN 55119, and I will be happy to scan it for you. Please add a suggested title and a few sentences in your email describing your cover.



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