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Welcome from Our LocSec

The LocSec welcomes you to Minnesota Mensa! What is a LocSec? It's short for Local Secretary, which is British for President. Mensa started in England and we still use many of those original terms.

Our organization is filled with abbreviations that as a new member you may not be able to translate. Here is a short guide:

RG (Regional Gathering) The local convention for Minnesota Mensa.
AG (Annual Gathering) The national convention held around the 4th of July each year in different host cities.
SIG (Special Interest Group) Group of Mensans that meet with a common interest in mind.
ExCom (Executive Committee) Volunteer board of directors for any local group. (We call it the board of directors.)
AMC (American Mensa Committee) National volunteers who are elected or appointed to facilitate Mensa's official business on a national level. 
By the way, the name Mensa is not an acronym. The word means table in Latin. The founders of Mensa envisioned members meeting around tables as equals.

A volunteer Board of Directors runs Minnesota Mensa. There are seven voting positions -six of them are elected. The positions are local secretary, first vice-secretary, second-vice secretary, treasurer, recording secretary, past local secretary and editor (appointed). This committee meets on the Tuesday before First Friday of each month.

Members who choose to participate do so by attending First Friday or the variety of SIGs that are offered. There is something for everyone. If there is not, call the second vice-secretary and start a SIG, doing what interests you. Minnesota Mensa has an award-winning newsletter that's full of information and fun. Our Web site is the same, with puzzles, the monthly calendar, and great links to other sites. 

Minnesota Mensa is an active group with many wonderful volunteers. Join us soon for conversation and fun. Welcome to our group!


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