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Greeting Meeting

Ken Silver and Teresa Roguski

Greeting Meeting isn't a meeting at all, but a monthly party to welcome new and prospective members to Mensa. It has also been a dinner party with a wide variety of menus that our regulars anticipate with some enthusiasm. The format of Greeting Meeting is similar to First Friday, with various conversation groups forming throughout our home where "GM" is traditionally held. The main differences are the size of the group, generally 20-25, the food, and the gathering of the partiers at the end of the evening for a trivia "event" led by our peerless quiz master, Gordy Andersen. The trivia is much more of a springboard for jokes and conversation, than any kind of competition. As Gordy has been known to say, "a wrong answer (meaning funny) may be better than the right one, and we do not keep score."

Greeting Meeting generally takes place the second Saturday evening of the month. There are a few new Mensans to greet, but most people there are veteran Mensans, mostly regulars who hardly miss a month. So even if you're not a new member, you're more than welcome to come to Greeting Meeting. We could use a few new regulars these days. If you are active in Mensa you are especially encouraged to attend, because we want the veterans at Greeting Meeting to be some of the people new members get to meet, and later see at other events.

This full evening of good conversation, good food, and good fun will cost you all of five bucks. (Annual memberships to Greeting Meeting dinners are available.) Cheap! (I'm a very careful shopper.) New members come the first time for free, and nonmembers are welcome as guests of members anytime. Just be sure you let us know you’re coming, the earlier the better, so we know how much to cook.

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