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Minnesota Mensa Attendance Policy

The Minnesota Mensa Board of Directors

First Fridays are open to all, including the general public.

Other activities of Minnesota Mensa are restricted as follows:

Board Meetings and Annual Business Meeting (at the Gatherings):

Dues-paid members only. Guests welcome to observe only.

Greeting Meetings:

Members, those offered membership by American Mensa, and one personal guest of first-time attendees only. No other guests or visitors.

SIGs (Special Interest Groups):

Some are for members only, some are open to guests at the option of the hosts. Inquire of the individual host.

Regional Gathering and Social Portion of a Gathering:

Open to the general public.

All Other Activities Listed on the Calendar:

Members and their personal guests (at the option of the host).

Hosts of some events may require an RSVP, but only if such is indicated in the calendar notices. However, calling ahead is strongly recommended in all instances. Also, hosts may limit attendance to some events for any reason, such as considerations of space.

All calendar notices must contain the name of a dues-paid member as contact for information. Calendar notices are to be placed through the calendar editor only.

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