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All You Need to Know About SIGs, but Never Thought to Ask

Rich Sachse

Mensans are a diverse breed. They are not easily stereotyped or categorized. But they do have a few commonly held traits and qualities. Mensans are intelligent and they have interests. In fact, they are very bright, and they have a multitude of interests that range over a broad spectrum of subjects and activities.

This short narrative is about SIGs. SIG is Mensaspeak for "Special Interest Group." A SIG, by simple definition, is a group of Mensans with a common interest who decide to meet periodically to share thoughts on that topic. SIGs traditionally meet on a monthly basis, either at the home of the SIC coordinator, or at a mutually acceptable public location. Membership may initially be as small as two or three participants, but often expands over time to a dozen or more.

The SIG that's best for you may already exist. Simply check the Mensagenda calendar and events pages for information as to meeting time, place, and coordinator phone number or e-mail address. Then contact the coordinator and indicate interest in learning more, or attending a future meeting.

In the event you wish to start a new SIG, contact the calendar editor with the appropriate information. The name, phone number, and e-mail address are listed in Mensagenda. Should you be attending a First Friday meeting, you can list the same information on the draft calendar at that session.

As regards other FAQs (frequently asked questions), review the following:
Q. What kinds of interests have recently been represented in SIGs?
A. Art, Bible, bikers, chess, books, investments, writers, horses, games, couch potatoes, Irish music, nature, poker, singles, gays, etc.
Q. Do all SIG members have to be Mensans?
A. No, non-Mensans can participate. Any member of Mensa is entitled to join any SIG of interest.
Q. How are SIGs funded?
A. Group members usually reimburse the SIG coordinator for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred.
Q. How long does it take for a SIG to establish itself?
A. It varies. Patience is encouraged. Publishing a notice of upcoming meeting activities inMensagenda invariably accelerates the process.
Q. Who can provide further information or assistance on the matter of existing SIG or new SIG development?
A. Contact the second vice-secretary, listed in each issue of Mensagenda

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