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Being a Mensa Host/ess

Membership Handbook of Smokey Mountain Mensa

Local Mensans seem to like informal events that allow considerable time for relaxed conversation. The size of the group doesn't appear to matter; one never seems to lack someone entertaining with whom he or she can work out solutions to all the world's problems or argue the location of the nearest black hole.

As a host/ess, this makes it a snap to entertain Mensans; you have lots of help because we entertain each other, or ourselves, if necessary. Those of us who have hosted events in our homes have found that it isn't much different from entertaining other friends. There aren't really any rules; you make up your own rules, publish them along with the notice of your planned events in the calendar, and relax. Some hosts may need to insist on advance reservations because of limited space or for planning purposes ... others like to live dangerously.

Our members generally prefer to contribute something, whether it be money, food or drink, when they are guests in others' homes. Let them know what you expect and you won't be disappointed. One group I heard about has a regular chocolate party; everyone brings something chocolate, and the evening no doubt approaches a religious experience.

My suggestions for the host/ess have implied most of the important things expected of a guest. Above all, use simple thoughtful courtesy, make reservations if the host requires it and give notice if you must cancel. Observe the house rules; offer to contribute some cash or food, don't arrive too early or stay too late, and offer to help out if it seems appropriate.

Most of all, be your usual sparkling, friendly self and come prepared to have a good time.

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