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The Minnesota State Fair

Russell Sparks

If Minnesota State Fair goers are an average crowd, there were almost 30,000 potential members near Minnesota Mensa's first State Fair booth. On hand were six to ten Mensa volunteers per day to answer questions, provide information, and prove, for the most part, that Mensans are perfectly presentable in public.

As a first-time volunteer and a relatively new Mensa member, I felt that I had nil for three to offer. I had no reason to worry. My booth partner was a longtime Mensa member, and he was an invaluable information provider. Many prospective members wanted to know how to apply, how they would fit into the group, or "what do you do in Mensa?" Those experiences were fresh in my mind.

I concluded that volunteering four hours for the State Fair booth sometime during the twelve days preceding Labor Day was perfect for a new member as well as a long-timer. Your booth partner will be an experienced Mensa member and potential friend. You will meet that segment of State Fair goers who are interested in scholarships. You don't have any sales goals to meet, and, besides, you get a free pass to the Minnesota State Fair.

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