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Mensa Scholarships

John Vogt Masengarb

The Mensa Educational and Research Foundation (MERF), (see its page) conducts an annual national scholarship competition through the local groups. In addition, Minnesota Mensa piggybacks on that competition its own scholarship program.

The combined programs work like this: College-bound students submit essays about their educational, career, and life goals and how winning our scholarship can help them accomplish their goals. Local judges read the essays to determine which are the best of the Minnesota entries. Those are sent on to the regional scholarship coordinator. Then the best essays of Region 4 are chosen. Those in turn are sent on to be judged at the national level, where the national winners are chosen, and then all winners are announced.

In 1986-87, Minnesota Mensa first had its own scholarship award to present to the local winner, regardless of how judging went at the higher level. Since then, each year at least one local scholarship has been awarded, with the winning essay being published in Mensagenda. The money for such awards comes from local fund-raising activities such as auctions and carnivals at Regional Gatherings.

If you would like to participate in the scholarship program, either by judging essays, publicizing the program, or donating funds, just contact the scholarship coordinator.

For more information about Mensa Scholarships, write to MERF, 1229 Corporate Drive, W. Arlington, TX 76006-6103.

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