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Welcome from the Handbook Editor

Jane Gmur

Welcome to Minnesota Mensa. I hope this handbook does more than introduce you to Minnesota Mensa, that it entices you to participate.

If you're calculating years as you read these articles, and some of you will, you might think you're in the Twilight Zone. When it says that 1974 was 15 years ago, rest assured that you did not just imagine the turn of the century. Old articles with pertinent information have been reprinted. To be honest, a couple of articles were left in because some prospective authors didn't respond to the request for updates. So, please, answer the call to volunteer!

This handbook will answer many questions but there are other sources of information: includes a calendar, links, and current interesting information.

Mensagenda, our local monthly newsletter, also contains a calendar, as well as a list of local officers and how to contact them. Read the articles for information, entertainment, and a list of volunteer opportunities.

The Mensa Bulletin, the national news magazine, prints a complete list of national officers, key local officers, national SIGs, and more twice a year. While it may not seem useful now, you may refer to it later. These issues are good to hold onto.

And when an answer can't be found elsewhere, the Mensaphone, (952) 953-8575, is available for members.

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