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Minnesota Mensa: A Capsule History

Gordon K. Andersen

Mensa has had members in Minnesota since early 1962. In 1964, Minnesota Mensa was organized and became one of the first 10 local groups to be officially recognized by North American Mensa, which then included Canada. Our bylaws, which were the first to be approved by North American Mensa, subsequently served as a model for many other groups.

With as many as 1,298 members, Minnesota Mensa has had one of the most rapid rates of growth in the United States and at one time encompassed the largest geographical area of any American group, as it included North Dakota and South Dakota, which have since organized independently.

Minnesota Mensa's first election by ballot was held in 1966, as was the first First Friday, which has since become the most popular regular monthly Mensa event in the world, despite a total lack of structure, a speaker, or a meal.

Minnesota Mensa's first newsletter, a single sheet only, was published in 1965; it became Mensagenda in 1970.

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