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Regional Gathering (RG)

Judy Hogan,
Past LocSec

About every other year or so, Minnesota Mensa sponsors what we call a Regional Gathering, or RG in Mensa slang. It's rather like a convention, but as Mensans are far from conventional, we prefer the connotation of Gathering as in "friends." Once you've attended an RG, your circle of Mensa friends is sure to increase.

RGs are usually held from early Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Hospitality rooms (both smoking and nonsmoking) are run almost 24 hours a day during the entire time of the RG, with free coffee, beer, pop, and wine, as well as a grand array of scrumptious edibles. Friday evening's activities have varied from year to year, but a major activity is planned for all attendees. On Saturday, attendees can select from various workshops, seminars, games, other activities, and a fantastic guest speaker. Everything from Elvis to science to trivia to music to beer tasting is available for the RGer to attend and/or participate in. Saturday evening activities are planned to entertain and delight! Sunday morning activities often include another workshop, Mensabuck auction, and the awards brunch, to award prizes to winners of games and activities held over the weekend.

So much to do, and at a reasonable price. I personally believe the best way for new members to get to know fellow Mensans is at an RG! Join us for the biggest Minnesota Mensa social event of the year.

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