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First Friday

Welcome to the most popular monthly Mensa event in the world.

No structure No speaker No food

The total purpose of this gathering is conversation. Any discussion taboos? There are none, except we do try to avoid stepping too hard on each other's personal sensitivities. Otherwise, just about any topic is fair game.

First Friday begins at 7:30 p.m. and runs until 1:00 a.m. Feel free, however, to drop in any time and stay as long as you wish. Dress is casual.

Are you a bit timid or reticent? Are you reluctant to intrude? So are a lot of people. The thing to do is to let nature take its course. Stand in a corner by yourself for awhile and get the feel of things ... eavesdrop. Remember that some of the greatest conversationalists are great listeners. Or get yourself a drink and simply meander. Sooner or later, someone is bound to introduce himself or herself. But you should know that it works better the other way around.

First Friday is only the tip of the iceberg. Keep in mind that this is not all there is to Mensa. First Friday is only one of many activities, and the flavor and atmosphere of each First Friday are remarkably different. One glance can't possibly show you everything that we have going for us. If once isn't enough, come again next month, and then the next ...

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