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Minnesota Subgroups

The name of our group is Minnesota Mensa, not Twin Cities Mensa. The majority of members live in the Twin Cities area, but you will find almost 25 percent throughout the state and neighboring areas of Wisconsin. There can be long commutes to attend metro area activities, so we have set up eight area groups. In addition to regular activities, members in each area plan their own local programs of interest.

The area groups are Duluth/Superior, St. Cloud, Rochester, Northfield, Mankato, Red River Area (Moorhead/Fargo), Willmar, and Western Wisconsin. To see if an area group is near you, and to contact area coordinators, check the names as listed on the back of Mensagenda. Interested in starting a group near you? Contact the LocSec.

ND Mensa -

Duluth/Superior - This is a group of Mensans in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. The area from which they draw includes the Iron Range, North Shore, South Shore and the twin ports of Duluth/Superior. The position is unusual in that it is made up of Mensans who are separated from the main population centers of the respective locations.

St. Cloud - These are very active members from the St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, Waite Park, and central Minnesota area. Almost two hours northwest of the Twin Cities, they welcome Mensans from all areas to their frequent events every month.

Red River Valley - This is a group of Mensans from the Minnesota/North Dakota border area. Starting from Breckenridge/ Wahpeton, through Moorhead/Fargo, Dilworth, Fergus Falls, to East Grand Forks/ Grand Forks, and north, these members meet monthly and plan other events in the area.

Western Wisconsin (The Right Side of the River) (Written by Sarah Gillert) - Founded in early 2000, this area group is designed to serve Mensans in western Wisconsin and far eastern Minnesota. Although we are part of Minnesota Mensa, our group acts as a bridge between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and we have members from both state groups. The Right Side meets one Friday evening a month in River Falls, Wisconsin, and conducts testing sessions on a regular basis (watch Mensagenda for exact dates and times). We have also hosted or collaborated in various activities, including horseback riding, hiking, and hosting special speakers.

Northfield - They meet for activities within the Northfield, Faribault, Cannon Falls area. The two nationally ranked private colleges in this area offer a wide range of potential group activities. This new group expands as testing activities increase in the area.

Rochester - This is a growing area, with membership doubled this year. An activities schedule is being planned to support this increase in membership strength. Membership draws from Rochester, Austin, Winona, La Crosse, and surrounding population.

Willmar (Submitted by Bill Hagen) -This new subgroup just started meeting the last Thursday evening of each month at the Willmar Public Library. There's no agenda, just a variety of interesting people in the area most are members or interested in joining. This event has been pulling a large crowd and has a promising future.

Mankato - This area serves members from Mankato, Albert Lea, Owatonna, Fairmont, Waseca, St. Peter and New Ulm. Members have started meeting frequently, and Mensa uses the Minnesota State - Mankato area as a base of operations and testing.

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