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Mensagenda, the Newsletter

Bill Conlan, editor

Each month, our newsletter, Mensagenda goes out to all members of Minnesota Mensa. Inside, you'll find a calendar of events for the month, a small write-up of many SIG (Special Interest Group) events, and articles, poetry, and artwork submitted by several members of Minnesota Mensa.

Mensagenda is funded from two sources. Each month, American Mensa returns a small portion of your dues to Minnesota Mensa for the purpose of publishing a calendar of events and the actions of the Board of Directors. We publish much more than that each month, so we need more funding than the national organization provides. For the additional money, we charge admission to the First Friday meeting. This allows us to publish articles, letters, poetry, artwork, and so on.

The quality of Mensagenda is recognized throughout the Mensa world, having won three Owl awards over the years (Owl award = best newsletter in American Mensa), a feat not yet surpassed by any other group. Each year, our newsletter and its contributors are consistently nominated for several awards.

As members of Minnesota Mensa, you are all encouraged to share your talents by submitting materials to be published in Mensagenda. There are no special qualifications. You can submit materials by e-mail "snailmail," or hand it to the editor at First Friday.

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