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Minnesota Mensa Board of Directors

Local Secretary (LocSec)

Jane Gmur

The Local Secretary conducts board meetings and administers the business of Minnesota Mensa. You may contact any board member who serves your specific needs regarding Minnesota Mensa. Contact me for generalized questions or concerns, or if you just don't know who else to call.

Past LocSec

DeDe Tredinnick

1st Vice

Rose Keller

Rose Keller joined Mensa in 2005 after learning about our organization at the Minnesota State Fair. She has volunteered at the Mensa State Fair booth ever since. When the Recording Secretary was unable continue in her role, Rose volunteered to step in. Rose enjoys cryptograms, cancellation hearts, and quilting. She is a Master Gardener and makes presentations on edible landscape. Rose has worked for the State of Minnesota for 38 years and currently is a grant administrator for the Minnesota Board on Aging. You may contact Rose at

2nd Vice

Eric Botten

Communications Officer

Dave Novy


Alison Bucklin

The Treasurer keeps the books, prepares the budget, and pays the bills. I also file quarterly income statements in Mensagenda. You may contact me at

Recording Secretary

Lin Rockler

As Recording Secretary it is my responsibility to take concise, accurate minutes of board meetings and other official Minnesota Mensa functions for submission to Mensagenda. You may contact me at

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