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Minnesota Mensa Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

For many Mensans, local SIGs are how we participate in Mensa. Below are descriptions of Minnesota Mensa's special interest groups and some other events. The hosts will be happy to welcome someone new – feel free to contact them if they're listed. Up-to-date information can be found in Mensagenda or on the calendar page of this site.

For those in Greater Minnesota, check the back of Mensagenda to see if there's an area coordinator near you. Most areas have a monthly event. Questions? Contact the Second Vice Secretary.

Camping SIG – The Camping SIG explores a Minnesota State Park one weekend a month, from May through October. We hike, check out local historic sites, enjoy interpretive programs (where available), and share evenings around the campfire. We bring our children and dog(s) (if applicable), and take advantage of the beautiful summers here!

First Friday – Not a SIG, but still a good time. First Friday is one of our most popular events. Held the first Friday of every month, this unstructured gathering has wide appeal. Conversation, board games, hugs, never know what's going to happen.

First Friday Feast – Meet for dinner at the restaurant in the Officers' Club before going down to First Friday. It's a comfortable way to get to know a few Mensans before venturing into our biggest gathering. Prices are around $20 for standard American fare.

Games SIG – Games SIG typically meets twice a month. Six to twelve Mensans attend regularly. Times and locations can be found in Mensagenda and on the online calendar. We play card games (such as UNO, Phase Ten, Fruit Salad, and Cancellation Hearts), various board games, dice games, dominoes, Scrabble, Go, Taboo, and trivia games. We play games the attendees want to play. Bring your favorites and plan to have fun - win or lose. Some gamers are serious while playing, others are strictly in it for the fun. We keep score so we know when to start another game. Roll those dice, spin that spinner, shuffle those cards and deal! Let's play!

GenX SIG – The MN GenX-M's SIG is the Minnesota chapter of the national GenX-M's SIG. In accordance with their guidelines, "GenXers" are considered to be anyone born between 1961 and 1981. Our local group got started in 2003, and has been going strong ever since. We hold a dinner night each month and usually at least one other event. In addition, we typically gather at the monthly First Friday meeting. Find out the specifics of our events on the MN Mensa calendar, in Mensagenda, or by joining our Yahoo Group, located at

GenY SIG – See Mensagenda for current information.

Greeting Meeting – Minnesota Mensa's traditional way of introducing the new members to the current members of our group. It's easy to meet and get to know one another in this informal setting.

Lake Harriet Picnic SIG – Fun in the sun. Join us for this picnic, typically in August. Ride the Lake Harriet Trolley, see the rose garden, visit the nature sanctuary.

Let's Do Lunch! SIG – It's the downtown power chow! Meet in downtown Minneapolis for lunch and conversation the second Wednesday of each month at Food for Thought in Terrence Murphy Hall at the University of St. Thomas, 1000 LaSalle Avenue, Minneapolis.

LGBT SIG – The LGBT SIG meets bimonthly in a member's home for a potluck dinner. The SIG is open to members of Mensa who identify themselves as members of the LGBT community and members who are LGBT allies.

Reciphiles SIG – This group gathers monthly and brings dishes to share that are related to a theme that changes every month. Time and location can be found in Mensagenda and on the online calendar.

Science Fiction SIG – A friendly group meets each month to either watch a movie (or a couple of episodes of a SF series) or discuss Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. Join us for an Uncle Hugo's run sometime between Christmas and New Years to shop their sales. (Uncle Hugo's is our favorite well-stocked science fiction book store.) We also have frequent field trips to watch the lastest flicks. Contact Seth for information.

Sharp Women SIG – Sharp Women SIG recognizes the essentiality for quiet, contemplative handcrafting at regular intervals in our all too busy lives. We meet for three hours on the second Sunday of each month to converse, learn, share and work on our own needlecraft projects. If you knit, crochet, needlepoint, quilt, or sew, join us for our monthly meeting. Contact Darlyn for information.

Well-Read Women – See Mensagenda for current information.

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