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Minnesota Mensa Testing

★ Benefits of Joining Mensa

★ Check out MNMensa before applying

★ Qualifying with Prior Evidence / Test Scores (Special Promotion)

★ Mensa Admissions Test – What to expect and what if you are under 18

Upcoming Tests

Twin Cities

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 2:45 p.m. registration, 3:00 p.m. test.
Edina Library, 5280 Grandview Square, Edina, MN 55436

Outstate/Border State
Please contact the testing coordinator or watch this space to be kept informed of the testing schedule.

NOTE: Proctors are available near Saint Cloud, Rochester, Ely, Duluth, and Moorhead.

Download/Print the Mensa Brochure

View sample questions in the Mensa Brochure and The Mensa Mini-Quiz

Contact Information for the Testing Coordinator

Benefits of Joining Mensa

Minnesota Mensa is a dynamic organization, composed of 1400 members with a variety of interests, as you will find on this website. Our monthly events calendar includes:

First Friday of each month: You are invited to join other prospective members, non-members, and current members as we gather for more than 4 hours of agenda-free socialization. Even we introverts feel right at home in this social setting, filled with intellectually stimulating conversations, humor, games, and jigsaw puzzles.

Greeting Meeting: New members are welcomed to Minnesota Mensa by current members for an evening of dinner and trivia, where creativity can trump correct answers.

A variety of SIGS (special interest groups) and sub-group are based on current members' interests and locations:

Science Fiction Camping Chips, (Poker & Nachos)
GenX Dinners Teen Mensans Well-Read Women
Gay & Lesbian Sharp Women (Knitting) Games
Board & Card Games
Twice a Month
Let's Do Lunch! Ptomaine Ptuesday
& Thrombosis Thursdays

Outstate Minnesota Groups

Central Minnesota Willmar Area Northern Brights (Duluth Area)
Southeast Minnesota Lake Pepin Northfield/Cannon River

Additionally, there are other benefits, akin to that of AAA or AARP. Members are eligible for discounted travel, insurance, publications, career services, and other benefits listed on the American Mensa Web site.

Check out MNMensa before applying

Join us at the First Friday gatherings. It is a great way to meet and greet current Mensa members, in addition to other guests who are not current Mensa members. Feel free to drop in on the first Friday of each month, any time after 7:30 p.m. For more information, please visit First Friday Information

Qualifying with Prior Evidence / Test Scores

There are approximately 200 different qualifying examinations that you can use to qualify for Mensa. To locate your test scores and apply click here

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Mensa Admissions Test – What to Expect and
What if you are Under 18

If you have not already qualified through a previous exam, Mensa offers testing sessions throughout the year. There are a variety of testing locations in Minnesota, with most being in the Twin Cities.

Most testing locations only allow us to schedule 30-60 days in advance. Please check back for specific dates and locations.

Given that the Mensa Admissions Test is a standardized test, you can expect:

Registration: usually 15 minutes prior to the start of the test

Testing starts promptly as scheduled (and ends approximately 2 hours later)

The Tests: Our sessions include two different tests. You take both. Either test can – independently – qualify you for an offer for membership. We are testing your basic intelligence, not your "wealth of information retained." Simply put, you don't need to know when the war of 1812 was fought, but we will see how you use basic information.

Per American Mensa: Please note that individuals can only take a test or test battery once.

Alternate Admissions Testing: Individuals who have taken a test or test battery and did not meet the requirement to join and individuals who do not speak English as their primary language are encouraged to submit prior evidence from other tests or take the Culture Fair Test Battery. The Culture Fair Test Battery is given on an "as needed" basis, and individuals interested in this option should request the option specifically when scheduling a test session. All admissions tests are given for the purpose of admission into Mensa and not to quantify intelligence.

Locations: Most tests are scheduled in Twin Cities' libraries.
If you live outside the Twin Cities, please contact the Testing Coordinator to arrange a different testing location. Include your approximate geographic location and next largest cities, so the closest Test Proctor can contact you.

Bring: Yourself, ID, and payment ($60--there are often "Special Promotions" during October / National Testing Month). Paper and pencils are provided.

Payment: If you would like to pre-pay online, please go to the American Mensa Web site. Be sure to bring your receipt to the testing location, showing that you have already paid. Cash, credit card, and checks are accepted at each of the testing sites.

RSVP: Your RSVP guarantees seating for you. Walk-ins as space allows. e-mail the Testing Coordinator or call (952) 953-8575 to let me know which test session you would like to attend.

What if you are under 18?
The Mensa admissions test has age requirements.
Per the American Mensa "Test Procedures Manual" (September 2007, page 7, section 3.5): "Proof of age must be provided since it affects scoring…. Make sure each applicant is over the age of 14. If the applicant is age 14-15 and does not have a picture ID from their school or other source, a birth certificate can be used…. We require parental consent for testing of children under the age of 18. These forms must be signed by the parent and returned with the completed tests. Parental consent forms can be obtained by contacting the National Office or by visiting American Mensa

Under age 14 – Per American Mensa, please note that American Mensa cannot test individuals younger than 14 years of age on the test date; however, these prospective members may submit evidence of prior testing to qualify." The tests are not normed for children under age 14. See "How to Join: and "Gifted Children" on the MNMensa website for more information.

Ages 14-15 – a picture ID from school or another source or birth certificate is sufficient for proof of age. Parental consent is needed.

Ages 16-17 – a state issued ID with a picture is preferable for proof of age. Parental consent is needed.

Age 18 and over – a state issued ID with a picture is preferable for proof of age. No parental consent is needed.

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Testing is available at several outstate locations. Tests may be scheduled in Saint Cloud and Rochester, MN. Please check back for more information.

Mensa Home Test

American Mensa has print copies of the Home Test for $18, for those ages 14 and over. An online version of the test is also available for $18. Both are available at: Mensa Home Test information

Contact Information for the Testing Coordinator
Thank you for your interest in Minnesota Mensa! Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about testing and/or Minnesota Mensa.
Mary Olson Coleman
952-953-8575 (Mensaphone)

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Culture Fair Testing
American Mensa offers a culture fair test battery primarily for individuals who do not speak English as their primary language. The battery of three tests is designed to measure intelligence without the influence of cultural climate, level of education or verbal fluency. These tests are non-verbal and require only that candidates be able to distinguish relationships in figures and shapes.
Individuals who do not qualify via American Mensa's primary test battery can also take the culture fair battery as a means to qualify for membership.
Please note that our culture fair test battery is given on an "as needed" basis and individuals interested in this option should request the option specifically when scheduling a test session.

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